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Are you ready to CRACK the RUTH CODE and heal your heart?

In “The Ruth Code” you will learn the following:

  • How to go from a place of PAIN to PURPOSE!
  • Tips on how to heal your broken heart.
  • Character traits to look for in “BOAZ”
  • And much more!
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Want to go to the next level in Christ and in your understanding of WHO you are called to be in your present season of singleness? In this 31 day devotional, Djuana teaches you how to find contentment in your season of singleness, walk in your PURPOSE, and fall deeper in love with Jesus. In this 31 day devotional you will be delighted as you cover topics such as:

– Stop Letting Comparison Steal Your Joy

– A Man Doesn’t Complete You

– Lord I’m Waiting…Where is Boaz At?

– Learning to Hush…the Beauty of A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

…and much more!

Day by day you will be strengthened in your walk with Christ. You will be encouraged to walk in your PURPOSE.You will realize your calling to be a QUEEN, and you will begin to cultivate and MASTER the beauty of a GENTLE and a Quiet Spirit. You are called to do more than just be SINGLE and SURVIVE. You are literally 31 days away from realizing how to THRIVE in your season of singleness, and walk in your rightful authority as a woman of POWER, PURPOSE, and GRACE. It’s time to leave feelings of loneliness, and discontentment in the past, and embrace a new revelation of what it means to truly be a DAUGHTER of the KING! It is possible to live your BEST single life now! And in this book Djuana will teach you her best tips and secrets as to how to be single, and LOVE the life you live, all while keeping CHRIST at the center. Your 31 days begins today!



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The Black Girls Diet

Offering ground-breaking insight into what to eat and what to avoid, the Black Girl’s Diet shows Black Women how to finally win the battle against weight loss.

The book offers revelational teaching and insight into how Black women may perceive themselves and their weight, and teaches them how to avoid the mental pitfalls,which may have caused them to remain stagnant in the past.

The Black Girl’s Diet encourages progress, not perfection, and teaches women of all ages and backgrounds, that with the tools of discipline, laughter, and a lot of self-love, that losing weight is possible.

The Black Girl’s Diet inspires the spirit, and lifts the soul, and offers both practical advice, and diet advice to help Black women finally lose the weight- up to 21 lbs. in 1 month, and achieve the body of their dreams. No gimmicks, just inspiration, tips, and tactics that actually work.